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ľ Therefore, the transmission ratio is too high, too low is not meet the requirements" Tang Chunli said cheap ray ban outlet open long-distance drivers in particular, If you wear sunglasses too deep color, the eyes more tired, from the strong sunlight into the dark tunnel of light suddenly more dangerous places However, the choice of sunglasses is a major problem

Of which about 15% of the uv-A will reach the retina cheap ray ban usa and will harm the retina; 70% uv-B will be absorbed by the lens, 30% uv-B is absorbed by the cornea, it will hurt the crystal and cornea; uv-C were absorbed by the ozone layerIn addition, the measure also see UV lens quality performance, light transmittance, polarizing and so on, but a lot of quality testing required specific equipment, these can only trust cheap real ray ban sunglasses a professional shop, brand glasses˹ sunglasses, is fixed in people's minds, a part of rock and roll's rebellious

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In 1966, when the eighteen-year-old Iggy Pope joined his first band, "The Prime Movers", was asked to wear a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, in order to appear "more range of children They, the courage to challenge their own unique ideas, cheap replica ray bans views dare to express themselves, the women timeless sense of style, creativity and innate elegance, the perfect interpretation of confidence Bushy eyebrows, should choose thin frame or frameless sunglasses, or will weaken the impression of eyebrows Of course, there are a lot of stars beyond the first Italian brand, cheap sunglasses ray ban small to give us a list of what

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4, will be placed in front of sunglasses, through the lens to observe distant targets, such as window frames or door frames, etcܽ

Star Model choose sunglasses according to ray ban cheap online faceSuddenly, wearing a pair of sunglasses went to the second variant street shooting star of the seasonSuch sunglasses are not the true sense of sunglasses called "toy sunglasses" is more appropriate

Observation of the lens surface is smooth, without ray ban cheap outlet warping, wear marks, bubbles In addition, taking into account the child restless nature, children should choose sunglasses toughness resin lenses, frames soften as much as possible, to prevent children from playing them due to the bump scratch in the face Moreover, in this season's sunglasses, the frame color more fresh, extensive ray ban sunglasses sale cheap use of jelly color, or fun and full of tweed, the latest Chanel glasses, is the classic exaggerated details in the integration of design, adding creative prints, even on the frame copper leaf decoration

In 2011, Ray-Ban Light Ray series available, replica ray bans canada this new sun and optical eyewear is expanding Tech seriesɱeô

һ For me, the most interesting Movies are currently coming from the peripheryٽ

But it will cause some color, its barrier effect of replica ray bans for sale light slightly behind the gray lenses, overall, it is good protective lenses If consumers find the lens surface scratches more obvious, but also the best time for replacement, or scratches will interfere with the wearer's line of sight At this point, you can choose sunglasses with polarized function

Ƕ Hamilton did not wear a suit replica ray bans for sale jacket and no tie, but wearing a bright floral shirt, wearing a hat and sunglassesDolce&Gabbana

Need to be reminded that the two checks also found design flaws sunglasses, sunglasses lenses in front of a child having a spiral decorative piece, another section in front of the lens has a crab claw-shaped decorative replica ray bans free shipping pieceĦRosie Huntington Whiteley go out shopping, dressed in Stella McCartney print dress, with black sandals and aviator sunglasses, both fullCool has no shortage of feminine Dr

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" Cultural purity, "but I think the" original sunglasses ray ban cheap part yellow glasses "is precisely the lives of the characters as I said7mm polarized lenses, since the thin lens assembly easily deformed, the purchase should pay special attention In fact, it is a combination of frequency mixing colored light